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At GRG Driving School, we're committed to providing high-quality driving education that empowers individuals to become safe, confident, and responsible drivers. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of fostering a positive and supportive learning environment for our students.

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Booking a lesson with GRG Driving School is an investment in your safety, confidence, and future as a driver. Join us, and let's embark on the journey to becoming a skilled and responsible driver together

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Booking a lesson with GRG Driving School is an investment in your safety, confidence, and future as a driver. Join us, and let's embark on the journey to becoming a skilled and responsible driver together

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Driving in Dangerous Condition

At GRG Driving School, we recognize that driving isn’t just about clear skies and quiet roads. That’s why we emphasize training for hazardous conditions, ensuring that our students are equipped to handle any situation they might encounter on the road. From heavy rain and fog to icy roads and bustling urban settings, our comprehensive training modules cover it all.

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Understanding the rules of the road

At GRG Driving School, we prioritize not only the skills needed for driving but also the knowledge of road rules that every driver must follow. Understanding and adhering to these rules is essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Here’s how we help you master the rules of the road

Rules of the Road
Learn Basics Of Driving Safely

At GRG Driving School, we believe that a solid foundation in the basics of safe driving is crucial for any new driver. Our program is designed to equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to drive safely and confidently. Here’s how we ensure you learn the essentials

Incase of Accident
Understanding Your Duties as a Driver

At GRG Driving School, we stress the importance of understanding your responsibilities when behind the wheel. Driving is not just about operating a vehicle; it's about upholding duties to ensure personal and public safety. Here’s what we emphasize regarding your duties as a driver

Duties as a Driver
Encountering other Road Users

At GRG Driving School, we prepare you to share the road safely and respectfully with all types of road users. Whether they are drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, or commercial vehicles, understanding how to interact with each safely is crucial. Here's how our training helps you manage these encounters

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We understand that each student's learning journey is unique, which why we offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle. Our friendly and patient instructors work at your pace, ensuring that you comfortable and confident throughout every lesson. Whether you're beginner getting behind the wheel for the first time

Denys Kurnosov
Kelowna, BC

Thanks much to Mr. Shimon for his awesome work and patience while training me for the road test! He is a great teacher and gives a student wide knowledge and his personal experience that can not be found anywhere. I am very excited today to get my driving license !! It happened thanks to Mr. Shimon's special system of teaching and his understanding students' psychological issues. Thanks a lot!!

Yulia Afif
Kelowna, BC

I had two lessons with Shimon after not driving for almost 9 months because I had such intense anxiety surrounding driving. After the first lesson, I booked my test for three days later. I then had one more lesson with him two days before my test to try out some parking that I hadn't previously attempted. I passed my first test today with flying colors!!

Ellie Aron
Kelowna, BC

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Exploring common questions answered.

1. What do i need to do before can start driving?

Before you can start driving, you need to obtain a learner's permit by passing a written test that covers road signs and traffic laws. In British Columbia, this is known as the Class 7L license. You must also be at least 16 years old. It's recommended that you study the ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) driving guide available online or at any driver licensing office.

2. Can a friend or relative teach me how to drive?

Yes, a friend or relative can teach you how to drive if they have a valid driver's license and meet the requirements set by ICBC. However, it's important that they are experienced and confident in their teaching abilities. For comprehensive learning and to meet insurance requirements, it's advisable to also take lessons from a licensed driving instructor.

3. How often should I take lessons?

The frequency of lessons should depend on your individual learning pace and comfort behind the wheel. Most learners benefit from taking one to two lessons per week. This spacing allows time between lessons to practice skills and absorb information without feeling overwhelmed.

4. What happens if I don't like my instructor?

If you find that you're not comfortable with your instructor, it's important to address this issue as it can impact your learning experience. You can speak directly with your instructor about your concerns or contact GRG Driving School to request a change of instructor. The school's priority is your comfort and learning, and they will accommodate your needs.

5. Is there a minimum number of driving lessons I must take before the road test?

There is no mandated minimum number of lessons before taking the road test in British Columbia. However, it is recommended that you are thoroughly prepared and comfortable with various driving conditions and rules. GRG Driving School can offer a recommended number of lessons based on your initial evaluation.

6. What types of vehicles does GRG Driving School use for training?

GRG Driving School uses a variety of vehicles, typically modern, dual-controlled sedans that are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safety and reliability during lessons.

7. Can I use a GRG Driving School car for my road test?

Yes, you can use a GRG Driving School car for your road test. This can be beneficial as you will be familiar with the vehicle. The school offers packages that include a pre-test review lesson and the use of the car for the test.

8. What should I do if I fail my driving test?

If you fail your driving test, it's important to review the areas where you need improvement. GRG Driving School offers assessment lessons to help identify your weaknesses and provide targeted training to address them. You can rebook your test whenever you feel ready and confident.

9. How can I book lessons or contact GRG Driving School?

You can book lessons or contact GRG Driving School via their website, phone or email. The website offers a user-friendly booking system where you can choose your preferred dates and times for lessons.

10. Are evening or weekend driving lessons available at GRG Driving School?

Yes, GRG Driving School offers flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend driving lessons to accommodate students with varying schedules. This flexibility helps ensure that all students can find convenient times to take their driving lessons without disrupting their daily routines.

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