[Ultimate Driver Package] 8 x 90-minute in-car lessons

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[Ultimate Driver Package] 8 x 90-minute in-car lessons

8 x 90-minute in-car lessons

About the course

The Ultimate Driver Package from GRG Driving School is designed for drivers in Kelowna who are committed to mastering advanced driving skills across a variety of driving conditions and environments. This extensive course includes eight 90-minute lessons that provide a deep dive into both the theoretical aspects of driving and extensive practical experiences.

In this course you will able to:

Navigate Kelowna’s diverse roadways, from mountainous terrains to urban centers, with precision and safety. The comprehensive nature of this package allows you to experience driving in different weather conditions and times of day, preparing you for anything the road might throw your way.

  • 12 Hours Driving Lesson
  • Additional Time Available
  • Flexibility, Reliability, Patience service
  • Road Test Appointment
  • Weekend classes for busy people

What will you learn:

Advanced techniques for defensive driving, hazard recognition, emergency situations, and adapting to unexpected road conditions. Additionally, the course covers vehicle maintenance essentials that are crucial for Kelowna’s variable climates, from winter snow to summer heat. The training culminates in a series of simulations designed to mimic challenging driving scenarios, ensuring you are well-prepared and confident.


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  • Course Duration
    12 Hours
  • practical part
    12 Hours
Course expert
Shimon Gelblum
master driver