[Essential Driver Package] 3 x 90-minute in-car lessons

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[Essential Driver Package] 3 x 90-minute in-car lessons

3 x 90-minute in-car lessons

About the course

The Essential Driver Package at GRG Driving School is designed for new drivers in Kelowna, focusing on building a solid foundation of driving skills. This course includes three 90-minute lessons that cover the critical aspects of driving necessary for safe and confident vehicle operation.

In this course you will able to:

Develop fundamental driving skills that are especially important for safely navigating both the scenic routes around Kelowna’s lakes and its bustling urban streets.

  • 4.5 Hours Driving Lesson
  • Additional Time Available
  • Flexibility, Reliability, Patience service
  • Road Test Appointment
  • Weekend classes for busy people\

What will you learn:

Core driving skills, including the rules of the road, basic vehicle operation, and situational awareness. Special attention is given to Kelowna-specific conditions like driving near vineyards and orchards, understanding local wildlife hazards, and adapting to seasonal tourist traffic. The lessons emphasize a responsible approach to driving, aiming to cultivate safe driving habits from the start.


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  • Course Duration
    4.5 Hours
  • practical part
    4.5 Hours
Course expert
Shimon Gelblum
master driver