[Advanced Driver Package] 5 x 90-minute in-car lessons

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[Advanced Driver Package] 5 x 90-minute in-car lessons

5 x 90-minute in-car lessons

About the course

GRG Driving School’s Advanced Driver Package is specifically tailored for residents of Kelowna who have basic driving experience but wish to elevate their driving skills to a professional level. This package includes five 90-minute sessions focused on refining driving techniques and increasing road awareness.

In this course you will able to:

Handle your vehicle with greater precision and confidence, particularly on Kelowna’s more challenging roads, including rural routes and busy city intersections.

  • 7.5 Hours Driving Lesson
  • Additional Time Available
  • Flexibility, Reliability, Patience service
  • Road Test Appointment
  • Weekend classes for busy people

What will you learn:

Precision driving techniques such as advanced steering, braking, and accelerating, crucial for navigating Kelowna’s diverse landscapes. You’ll also learn about eco-driving practices to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Safety training includes dealing with wildlife crossings and seasonal weather conditions specific to the region.


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  • Course Level
  • Course Duration
    7.5 Hours
  • practical part
    7.5 Hours
Course expert
Shimon Gelblum
master driver