[Road Starter Package] 1 x 90-minute lesson + Road Test Package

Road Test Ready
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[Road Starter Package] 1 x 90-minute lesson + Road Test Package

1 x 90-minute lesson + Road Test Package

About the course

Designed specifically for beginners in Kelowna, BC, the Road Starter Package at GRG Driving School provides an introductory lesson that covers the basics of driving in a supportive and comprehensive manner.

In this course you will able to:

Learn the fundamentals of driving in a city known for its beautiful, yet sometimes challenging driving landscapes. From quiet lakeside roads to busier urban streets, you’ll gain the confidence to navigate your local area safely.

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  • Weekend classes for busy people
  • Car Rental For Road Test

What will you learn:

Key techniques such as starting, stopping, and maneuvering the vehicle smoothly. The lesson emphasizes the importance of road safety, introducing new drivers to Kelowna-specific scenarios like navigating around popular tourist spots and understanding seasonal driving tips for both summer and winter conditions.


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  • Course Duration
    3 Hours
  • practical part
    2 Hours
Course expert
Shimon Gelblum
master driver