[Single Lesson Explorer] One 90-minute in-car lesson

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[Single Lesson Explorer] One 90-minute in-car lesson

One 90-minute in-car lesson

About This Course

GRG Driving School’s Single Lesson Explorer is perfect for Kelowna drivers needing targeted practice or a refresher on specific driving skills. This flexible 90-minute session is customized to focus on particular areas of concern or interest.

In This Course, You Will Be Able To

Focus on improving specific aspects of your driving, whether it’s preparing for a road test, enhancing your parking skills, or simply gaining confidence on the road after a period of inactivity.

What You Will Learn

The content of this lesson is highly customized based on your needs. It can include anything from revisiting basic skills to tackling complex driving techniques, with a particular focus on navigating the unique driving environments found in Kelowna. This lesson is also an excellent opportunity to get accustomed to recent changes in driving laws or vehicle technology.


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    1.5 Hours
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    1.5 Hours
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Shimon Gelblum
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